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Every weekday, your Sci-Fi 5 brings you five minutes of science fiction history. Our panel of hosts present the background stories and details about the creators and context around the stories you love. Brought to you by Roddenberry, the first name in science fiction.

Oct 3, 2022

It was a sci-fi TV milestone with everything: a plausible story devised in part by an actual scientist, and a cast of rising stars including a future Oscar winner. Sci-Fi 5 brings you a message from the stars, telling you why this show can't be seen in its original form now.

Written and hosted by Earl Green

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Sep 30, 2022

As September ends, so does Sci-Fi 5's attempt to stalk Zardoz as it continues its rampage through the cinemas of Europe.  Today, we deliver the final (?) word on this iconoclastic - and yet iconic - slice of genre cinema.

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Written by David Sohl

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Sep 29, 2022

The Inhumans started out as a future Marvel movie, and then over time shifted to become a new Marvel television series.  But as today's Sci-Fi 5 proves, not everything that emerges from Marvel Studios has an easy time getting made, or is embraced by the fan base.

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Sep 28, 2022

What if H.G. Wells didn't just write "The Time Machine" but actually invented one? That's the premise behind 1979's "Time After Time" that premiered on this day in 1979 and unleashed a Victorian serial killer on 20th century San Francisco.

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Written by Brian...

Sep 27, 2022

He was an army brat who studied martial arts before landing his first movie role. Since then, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa has made a career breaking out of Asian stereotype roles and cutting a path of his own. Also: Nazi sharks? The story on today's Sci-Fi 5.

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